Cooking… confits: the perfect accompaniment for any occasion.

Déc 11

Cooking… confits: the perfect accompaniment for any occasion.

The “Cooking… Handy!” range has been expanded. There are now four new dishes to discover, including a shallot confit with Cévennes sweet onions and red onions, and a spicy fig chutney. There’s something for everyone!

A confit is the perfect accompaniment to help bring out your dishes and delicacies such as Christmas foie gras, cold meats, and the cheeses we eat all year round.

If you prefer a more spicy accompaniment, our chutney is the perfect way to add a dash of the oriental to your French dishes. Its sweet and sour taste makes it ideal for Indian, Pakistani and South African cooking.

These products will become your go-to ingredients. They’re made with “French” origin raw materials, they’re low in sugar and contain very little water thanks to the evaporation-increasing open pot method they’re made with. Our chutney and confits are predominantly made from raw materials, including red onions (67%), Cévennes sweet onions (75%), shallots (74%), and figs (47%).

So why not treat yourself and cook up a storm for your parties!