Our Quality Approach

Val’Prim, a certified company



We are constantly looking to innovate, both in the terms of crop production and improving our ways of working: quality is Val’Prim’s watchword.

Day in, day out, Val’Prim demonstrates its commitment to enhancing its products and improving its tools.

The company strives to ensure the main challenges around food safety and environmental control are properly taken into account.


IFS Food

Val’Prim achieved high-level IFS certification in April 2017 in order to better meet large distribution requirements and consumer expectations.

Organic Agriculture

Val’Prim also works alongside producers with organic farming production contracts. When it comes to organic farming, adhering to specifications is of the utmost importance. This type of agriculture does not use chemical or synthetic products and respects crop rotation within a given farming period. Fertilisation is 100% organic.

Produce is only distributed after rigorous testing.

AOP, Appellation d’Origine Protégée (protected designation of origin)

Val’Prim also oversees the distribution of Roscoff AOP* onions via its subsidiary in Brittany.


*Appellation d’Origine Protégée (protected designation of origin)