Our Story

A fast-growing family-owned garlic, onion and shallot producer.

Val’Prim is a family run company founded on the entrepreneurial drive and spirit of Fernand Manceau and his wife Christiane Manceau in 1977. From its origins as a small-time market trader from the Saumuroise region, Val’Prim has seen continued growth over the years, specialising in the production and packaging of condiments.

Val’Prim now owns two production facilities. In 2015, the Brion facility – the company’s headquarters for over 30 years – was refurbished and transformed into a condiment receiving and preparation unit (drying, sizing, cleaning and decapping). A new facility was also built in Longué-Jumelles in 2015. It acts both as the company’s administrative headquarters and a facility for packaging and shipping finished products.