The Ranges

The Cooking… products by Val’Prim

In August 2016, the “Through Fields” (A travers champs) brand name was replaced with “Cooking…”. This name was chosen to meet the needs of customers who are looking for authentic, high-quality products. The new, more modern imagery places consumer choice at the heart of the brand.

Rather than simply changing the labels, Val’Prim has completely redefined its ranges. We no longer want to be a simple condiment supplier, but an advisor both to shelf managers and their customers.

Yellow Onions

This range is aimed at customers looking for all the cooking essentials, but packaged in large format.

Garlic, Onions, Shallots

Our “Cooking…It’s good for you” range offers a wide variety of high-quality produce to liven up your meals.

Dry Vegetables

Dry vegetables now come in a new format: resealable sachet bags! This unique, practical packaging comes in the colours of the range.

Garlic, Shallots, Banana Shallots & Onions

This range is aimed at passionate cooks constantly searching for new flavours. It is perfect for adding a touch of surprise to your cooking.


Garlic, Onions & Shallots

The “Cooking… Organic” range offers organically produced condiments. Packaged in either sachet or net bags, these products are both clean and environmentally friendly.



These practical punnets provide you with all the ingredients needed for your recipe without producing any waste, bringing the joy of cooking to consumers.

Culinary Aids

This range is bursting with flavour and provides a delicious addition to the Val’Prim product family. Culinary aids: add an extra touch to your cooking!