10 tips to avoid tears when peeling an onion

10 tips to avoid tears when peeling an onion

The onion is THE most essential condiment when it comes to great cooking. It’s great to the taste, but not so great to peel. There is a simple explanation for this. When in the earth, onions absorb the sulphur present in the soil. When we cut it, it releases the sulphur gas. Discover our 10 tips to avoid getting red, teary and irritated eyes (also useful for leeks) or grab yourself a 100% natural “tear-reducing onion” here. Tested and approved!

Tip no. 1: The sharp knife

Use a sharp, non-serrated knife and avoid using knives with a rounded blade or meat knives.

Tip no. 2: The mandoline

The mandoline has a very sharp blade so does not tear the onion. It also hides the onion, helping to prevent gas from escaping.

Tip no. 3: Swimming goggles 

A bit silly but highly practical… Swimming goggles! They protect your eyes from the gas released by the onion.

Tip no. 4: The freezer

Put the onion in the freezer for 10 minutes before peeling it or place in a salad bowl filled with cold water for 30 minutes.

Tip no. 5: Running water

One of the most well-known tips: peel the onion under cold water.

Tip no. 6: The half-burned match

Place a half-burned match between your teeth.

Tip no. 7: Lemon juice

You could also squeeze some lemon juice onto the blade. The lemon’s acidity will help neutralise the onion’s.

Tip no. 8: Air circulation

Simple but effective: air the room! Easy to do when it’s a nice day. Open the windows or in Winter turn on your extractor fan and stand below it.

Tip no. 9: Leave the roots until the end

The highest concentration of acid is found in the onion’s centre, known as the “vacuole”. Cutting around the roots with a peeler or small knife makes it easy to remove this part of the onion.

Tip no. 10: The candle!

Place a lit candle next to the chopping board. The flame will attract and eliminate the gas in the onion.

Now it’s over to you!