Culinary Tips

Choosing the Right Onion

A good onion should not have any sprouts showing. Then it’s all about the feel – the onion should be firm to the touch.

Peeling Garlic Quickly

Garlic adds a unique touch of flavour to your dishes! But you’ve got to peel it before you can taste it. And it’s not always easy to do! Our tip: Rather than trying to peel it as you normally would, put the garlic in the microwave on maximum temperature for around 20 seconds. Leave it […]

10 tips to avoid tears when peeling an onion

The onion is THE most essential condiment when it comes to great cooking. It’s great to the taste, but not so great to peel. There is a simple explanation for this. When in the earth, onions absorb the sulphur present in the soil. When we cut it, it releases the sulphur gas. Discover our 10 […]

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